Types of Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees are one of the most commonly seen and important part of Christmas.

There are many types of tree that are used as Christmas trees with lots of Christmas decorations. for this purpose. Below we have explained a few of them.

 Types of Christmas Trees:

Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Tree: 

This is one of the most popular trees among people who want living Christmas trees that tends to grow in Southern Canada and Northern USA.

Noble Fir christmas tree

Noble Fir Christmas Tree:

This tree has strong branches and stays fresh for a long time.

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree:

It tends to be grown in the Pacific Northwest. It has a pyramid shape and smells sweet.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree:

This is a conical shaped tree which tends to drop needles easily so needs to be keep very well watered.

virginia pine christmas tree

Virginia Pine Christmas Tree:

This tree is from south east USA has short soft needles and stout woody branches and is conical in shape.

Eastern White Pine Chritmas Tree

Eastern White Pine Christmas Tree:

This tree has a really nice cone shape and soft needles but at the same time does not have the capacity to hold any heavy ornament.

Arizona Cypress Christmas Tree Arizona Cypress Christmas Tree:

This tree is commonly found along the east coast of south and south west USA. It is tall and thin and is pale green or gray green.

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree Scotch Pine Christmas Tree:

Branches of this conical shape tree are strong enough for hanging heavy decorations also stays fresh for a long time.

Eastern Red Cedar Christmas Tree

Eastern Red Cedar Christmas Tree:

 This tree can dry out quickly which is why it tends to be sold at cut-your-own farms.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree:

This is a strong tree which can hold heavy decorations and it grown in North Carolina.

Leyland Cypress Christmas Tree

Leyland Cypress Christmas Tree:

 This tree is not fragrant and is often used as an ornamental landscape plant in England and South East USA.

Balsam Fir Christmas Tree


Balsam Fir Christmas Tree:

This tree is a pyramid shape and dark green. It is very popular in Canada as well as North USA.