Peppermint Biscotti Recipe

Festive biscotti laced with the cool, zinginess of peppermint and balanced with the sweetness of white chocolate, perfect for Christmas morning and worthy of gracing your holiday cookie platter.

Peppermint Biscotti Recipe


Below we have provided you with a simple, delicious and easy to prepare Peppermint Biscotti Recipe.


  • 3/4 cup of butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 3/4 cup of Vegetable oil
  • 2 tsp of peppermint extract
  • 3-1/4 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • a bit of  salt
  • 1 cup of crushed peppermint candies


  • 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp of shortening
  • 1/2 cup of crushed peppermint candies


  1. Take a large bowl and put cream butter and sugar in ti.
  2. Add in Vegetable oil and extract beating well.
  3. Stir in flour, baking powder, salt, peppermint candy.
  4. Gradually add to creamed mixture, beating until blended (dough will be stiff).
  5. Divide dough in half.
  6. On an ungreased baking sheet, shape each portion into a 12-in. x 2-1/2-in. rectangle.
  7. Bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Carefully remove to wire racks; cool for 15 minutes.
  9. Transfer to a cutting board, cut diagonally with a sharp knife into 1/2-in. slices.
  10. Place cut side down on ungreased baking sheets.
  11. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until firm.
  12. Remove to wire racks to cool.
  13. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips and shortening; stir until smooth.
  14. Drizzle over biscotti; sprinkle with candy. Place on waxed paper until set.
  15. Store in an airtight container.