Miri Christmas Parade 2019 LIVE in Malaysia on December

Miri Christmas Parade is an annual Christmas Parade which takes place in the city of Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Miri Christmas Parade takes place every year on the Second Sunday in the month of December.

Every year this parade is organized as a combined effort of all churches in Miri and Miry City Council and more than 45,000 people gather to witness the parade.

Miri Christmas Parade

Miri Christmas Parade 2019 :

In 2019, the Miri Christmas Parade will take place on Sunday, 8th December 2019.

it will be the 11th annual Miri Christmas Parade.

The programme starts in evening at around 6 pm local time but the actual parade takes place around 9 pm.

Miri Christmas Parade 2019 Photos & Videos :

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