Google Santa Tracker 2019

When we talk of Christmas we all remember Santa Claus and on Christmas Eve as Santa Claus leaves Santa Village in North Pole to deliver gifts and presents to children’s around the world, we all are busy tracking Santa’s progress.

Every year on Christmas Eve people around the world search for Santa’s location on Google Santa Tracker.

Google Santa Tracker 2019 :

For Christmas 2019, Google has revived and revamped its popular Santa Tracker app and it’s even more fun than last year!

Currently, the Google Santa Tracker shows a countdown for Santa’s departure as shown in photo below.

Google Santa Tracker

On Christmas Eve when Santa Claus or call him Father Christmas leaves to deliver presents, you can follow his flight plan on a 2D world map which details where he’s making his rounds and how many presents he’s delivered so far, as well as taking a closer look at his location with the Santa Cam view.

Google Santa Tracker will also tell you whether he’s in the air or on the ground, how far away from your house he is and most importantly – how long before he arrives!

You can see Google Santa Tracker 2019 LIVE in Action on official website -

Download Google Santa Tracker 2019 Mobile Android App :

Google Santa Tracker Mobile App

You can download Google Santa Tracker 2019 Mobile Android App from Google Play store.

Santa Tracker App for Android

Note : On Christmas Eve 2019, we will have Google Santa Tracker 2019 Photos, Videos and LIVE Updates on our website. Visit again.