2019 Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando, Philippines

Christmas is around the corner and Philippines celebrated Christmas in a unique style.

Star Lantern is the main Filipino Christmas symbol. Locally known as Parul Sampernandu (Kapampangan language) it has earned City of San Fernando (its creator) for itself the title of “Christmas Capital of the Philippines.”

Every year a Giant Lantern Festival is held in City of San Fernando in the Pampanga province of Philippines in mid-December when various lanterns or “parol” made by the local community are displayed at different locations throughout Pampanga until the end of the month.

These lanterns are made of bamboo or steel, decorated with fibreglass or paper, and incorporate many LED lights into the design.

Giant Lantern Festival 2019 Dates :

In 2019, the Giant Lantern Festival will be celebrated from 14 December 2019 to 2 January 2020.

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Giant Lantern Festival 2019 Live Broadcast, Live Streaming :

Live Broadcast of  Giant Lantern Festival 2019 will be available on local TV Channels in Pampanga like DWCL-TV, DWRW-TV, DWIM-TV, DWIN-TV, etc.

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