Christmas Symbols

There are a few things that when saw or came across reminds us about Christmas and its celebrations. These things can be named as “Christmas Symbols” and these symbols can be seen every where as soon as the winter comes.

Christmas Symbols

There are a few Christmas Symbols which we don’t even know as a Christmas Symbols.

Below are a few Christmas Symbols with its meaning and picture to remind you about the Christmas.

Christmas Symbols :

Angel – Angels come in many forms for Christmas decorations including the tree topper.

christmas bells

Bells & Balls – Both of these are used as a decorations during Christmas and the Church bells are very famous. For Christmas Bells Wallpapers Click Here

christmas candles

Candles – Candles represent the light that Jesus brought to earth. It is also use as a decoration. For Christmas Candles Wallpapers for FREE Download Click Here

christmas cards

Christmas Cards – Perhap these days Christmas cards are the most common Christmas gift.

christmas carol

Christmas Caroling – Caroling is a medieval custom of singing and dancing around a Christmas tree.

christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies – Originated with pre-Christian Romans who gave sweet cakes to their senators. Christmas Cookies Wallpaper

Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose – A European evergreen plant with white or purplish rose like winter-blooming flowers, the Christmas rose, is frequently used with an evergreen branch for decorations.

Christmas Seals

Christmas Seals – A Danish postal clerk sold Christmas stamps to show that users had given to a worthy cause.

Christmas Star

Christmas Star - The Christmas star has traditionally been associated with the spirit of the celebration and the significance of the star can be found in the story related to the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas star symbolizes high hopes and high ideals.

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking – There is a legend associated with the origin of Christmas stockings. St. Nick, who wanted to remain anonymous and help a poor family, threw gold coins down their chimney. They fell into a stocking that was hanging there to dry. Christmas Stockings Wallpapers

Christmas toys

Christmas Toys – Children anywhere in the world are excited and joyous on receiving Christmas toys as a gift. Available in almost infinite variety of choices, Christmas toys are for every age of childhood, and there are many different kinds for each age.

Christmas tree lights

Christmas Tree Lights – The lights represent Christ as being the “Light of the World.” Lights also represent stars. Candles were first used as lights on the Christmas tree.

christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath – Widely known, the customs of Christmas wreath come from the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ, which was later on combined with the harvest and winter solstice festivals in ancient Rome.  Christmas Wreath Wallpapers

christmas creche

Creche – A manger scene representing the Jesus’ place of birth including donkeys, lambs, and cows were animals close to Jesus at the time of his birth.

For Nativity Scenes – Creche Wallpapers Click Here

evergreen trees

Evergreen Tree – The evergreen tree was decorated by the pagans at the feast of the winter solstice. The evergreen tree was a sign that winter would end.

christmas gifts

Gifts - The first Christmas gifts were given by the Wisemen to Baby Jesus.

Glastonbury Thorn

Glastonbury Thorn – Glastonbury Thorn or “The Holy Thorn of Glastonbury”. The glastonbury thorn legend ties in Christ’s death as well as the celebration of his birth.

christmas holly

Holly – Holly is a shrub with spiny leaves and red berries. The leaves remain green throughout the year. Pagans thought its greenness was a promise that the sun would return. Early French and English families hung holly over their doors to symbolize a home in which Christ’s birth is celebrated. For Christmas Holy Wallpapers Click Here

Christmas Icicles

Icicles – Icicles are sometimes used as a tree decoration. As per an old story, the Christ child took shelter for a night under a pine tree. When the tree realized that it was caring for Jesus, tears of happiness fell from its branches. The tears froze into icicles.

Ivy, Laurel & Rosemary

Ivy, Laurel & Rosemary – The Christmas symbol of ivy stands for the eternal life in pagan religions, whereas Romans believed laurel was sacred to the sun god Apollo. Rosemary was used during the Middle Ages by housewives to spread on the floor at Christmas.

Christmas mistletoe

Mistletoe – A sprig of evergreen plant hung at Christmas time. Custom is that people can kiss each other standing under it.

Christmas Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding – Plum pudding originated by an English king that was stranded in a blizzard one Christmas Eve. He used what he could find to make a special holiday dish.

Christmas Poinsettia

Poinsettia – The poinsettia flower is small, green or yellow and situated in the middle of the bracts. The poinsettia is named after Joel R. Poinsett, who served as the USA first ambassador to Mexico, from 1825-1829.

Christmas Reindeer

Reindeer – Reindeer were the animals chosen by St. Nicholas to pull his sleigh. His reindeers’ names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is the most famous. For Christmas Reindeer Wallpapers Click Here

Christmas Wassail

Wassail - A wassail is a salutation of good health or well wishes by means of a toast.

Christmas Yule Log

Yule Log – The word “yule” means “wheel,” a symbol representing the sun.

We wish all readers Merry Christmas 2019 !!!