Christmas in Uruguay

Uruguay officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, is a country in the southeastern part of South America.

The Capital and largest city of the country is Montevideo.

Christmas in Uruguay

Christmas Celebrations in Uruguay :

In Uruguay, Christmas is officially known as “Día de la Familia” (Family’s Day). However, most Uruguayans called December 25th “Navidad” (Christmas) and celebrates the night before (December 24th) “Nochebuena” (Christmas’ Eve). It is summer season in Uruguay when Christmas comes. In hot summers here is more like sweating Christmas.

Preparations for Christmas’ eve and Christmas day include setting up your own Christmas tree. Another thing to do is to make one little holy manger usually within the fireplace, with ceramic figures, and rock paper. Some families also leave the little Jesus spot empty in the manger until Christmas day arrives.

Christmas in Uruguay

Christmas is celebrated typically in the following manner. Families gather on a Christmas’s eve dinner, spend the evening together, until the clock ticks twelve. When Christmas day finally does arrive, everyone hugs each other play with fireworks, making a lot of noise, lighting up the city. Children look for the present given to them by Santa under the Christmas tree. Santa Claus here is called Papa Noel.

After all of this in Montevideo the two more interesting spots to be are “La Rambla” where people usually park their cars and put music real loud, dancing and drinking by the beach, or in ciudad vieja where there are a lot of pubs to hang out.

There are no Christmas vacations, school period goes from March till December, school has already finished a month ago. But 25th is a holiday. It’s a National Holiday in Uruguay so very few shops are open on December 25th, no government-controlled offices are open and most of private companies close at well. As a religious holiday is only celebrated among Catholics at church on December 24th and 25th and some cribs can be seen in some Catholic homes and churches.

Because of a holiday many plan a barbecue or picnic, as their Christmas meal, to take advantage of the pleasant weather. Along with the special and usual holiday items, pan dulce (a Christmas bread filled with candies) and sidra (cider) or champagne are served with dessert.

Wishing all readers Merry Christmas 2019 & Happy New Year 2020 !!!