Christmas in Honduras : Navidad en Honduras

Honduras officially the Republic of Honduras, is a republic in Central America. The country is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua and to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca.

Tegucigalpa is the Capital and largest city of Honduras.

Christmas in Honduras

Christmas Celebrations in Honduras : 

Christmas is perhaps the biggest celebration of the year for Hondurans. It is filled with religious meaning, as the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ is at heart of it. Villagers often also invite their friends and neighbors to join in the fiesta. People everywhere prepare for several weeks before Christmas Day. Starting at the beginning of December, Hondurans practice the posada, a tradition that is popular throughout Central America.

Christmas is celebrated at the stroke of midnight on the night of the 24th of December. Just before midnight, the family will gather and pray together, which may include the reading of passages of the Bible that narrate the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas Eve, Hondurans hold late-night parties for family and friends in their homes. Then, at 12 o’clock they all hug and say “Feliz Navidad”. At the same time, firecrackers & cherry bombs are exploding everywhere.

Nativity Scenes in Honduras

A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, the elaborate nativity scenes, that are commonly displayed in people’s homes and public areas. Their size and level of detail are limited only by their creator’s imagination but usually reflect the number of years he or she has spent collecting the pieces that compose them. At the center is obviously a stable where Mary and Joseph, surrounded by farm animals, admire baby Jesus swaddled in a manger. A choir of angels on a hillside, a beach with straw huts resembling a Garifuna village, Santa Claus riding a reindeer, a forest of snow-covered pine trees, a barnyard scene, a stream complete with flowing water, churches with newlyweds standing in front, snowmen and a marching band are only a few of the settings that enchant children and adults alike. At many houses, a nacimiento will be displayed during the party, and guests will try to steal the figurine of the baby Jesus when the hosts aren’t looking! If a guest succeeds in this theft, the hosts must then hold another party on Epiphany, when the “thief” will then return the baby Jesus to the scene.

The traditional food in less affluent communities is tamales stuffed with pork and some combination of rice, potatoes, garbanzos, peas, and green olives. Other dishes are Arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), roasted turkeys, a pierna de cerdo, or pork leg, canned cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, beer and aguardiente. To accompany these main dishes, Hondurans prepare a special fruit salad of grape, apple, and pineapple, and drink rompope, or in rural communities, a cold drink made from corn called chilate and various fruit cakes are served for dessert. Children hang stockings outside before leaving for school in the morning, and they rush home in the afternoon to find them full of candy.

Christmas Celebrations in Honduras

Children struggle to stay awake so as not to miss the gift-opening celebration that follows, and finally at midnight the air comes alive with firecrackers. The Christmas season officially closes on January 6th, on the Dia de los Reyes Magos, or Day of the Three Kings. Private homes, government buildings, municipal parks, and merchants all get into the spirit and surround themselves with lights.

The celebrations of Christmas are grand in Tegucigalpa which is the Capital and the largest city of Honduras. Apart from that notable Christmas Celebrations take place in other big cities of Honduras like – San Pedro Sula, El Progreso, Choloma, La Ceiba, Choluteca, Comayagua, etc.

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