Christmas in Algeria

Algeria, officially known as “The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria”. It is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers.

Algeria has been known many empires and dynasties, including ancient Berber Numidians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arab Umayyads, Berber Fatimids, Berber Almoravids, Berber Almohads and later Turkish Ottomans.

Christmas in Algeria

Christmas Celebrations in Algeria :

Islam is the state religion of Algeria. There are few Christians in N. Africa and a few churches. In Algeria radical Islamists have pressured the government into introducing new restrictions. Anyone who encourages a Muslim to convert to Christianity is liable to a fine or imprisonment. Yet many courageous Christians resist the regulations and pressure, not least by sharing the Gospel with their Muslim neighbours at Christmas.

Christmas in Algeria

Algerian Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth on the weekend closest to 25 December, and they decorate their worship spaces colorfully. They may spend the day in worshiping and church members have the opportunity to recite poems or perform plays.

Christmas in Algeria - Children's prayer

Activities and games are provided for the children, and in the afternoon they receive gifts, sweets and the most special one is the cakes. Non-Christians are invited to take part in the day’s festivities, and these end with an evangelistic message about the purpose of Christ’s coming.

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