Buckingham Christmas Parade 2019 LIVE on 14 December

Buckingham Christmas Parade also known as Buckingham Christmas Carnival takes place every year on the occasion of Christmas in Buckingham Town Centre.

Buckingham Christmas Carnival Photo

The Parade usually takes place on 2nd or 3rd Saturday of December.

In 2019, the Buckingham Christmas Parade will take place on 14th December 2019 at 10.45am at the Buckingham Town Centre.

The Parade is a great showcase of local businesses, charities and organisations which join the parade to raise awareness of their causes and they also have the chance to collect much needed funds – so please give generously!

Soon We will have details about Live Streaming and Live Broadcast of Buckingham Christmas Parade 2019 on our website.

After the Buckingham Christmas Parade 2019 gets over we will try to get Photos and Videos of Buckingham Christmas Parade 2019 on our website. Visit again.