Advent Christmas Calendar Ideas, Printables, Wallpapers, Templates

Christmas Advent is around the corner. It is the time when people display Advent Calendars in their homes and start the preparations for the grand celebration of Christmas.

I am sure even you might be searching for Advent Calendars Printables, Advent Calendars Wallpapers for Advent Calendar making ideas and activities for your kids.

Here we provide you all the stuff that you require.

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Advent Christmas Calendar Printables

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Advent Christmas Calendar Ideas :

one nice idea for making Christmas Advent Calendar for kids is shown below. It has 24 envelopes packed with small goodies and to make such a advent calendar you and your kids will meed things like craft paper, small envelopes, glitter, stickers, eyelets, brads, rubber stamps, ribbons, buttons, etc

Christmas Advent Calendar Making Ideas

You can make an chocolate box with 24 different assorted chocolates and number these chocolates from 1 to 24. Kids in the house will love such advent calendars where in they each 1 chocolate each day till the time Christmas arrives.

Advent Calendar Making Ideas Wallpaper

You cal also make a Christmas Advent calendar as shown below which has 24 small stockings each numbered from 1 to 24. Each having small goodies in it.

Advent Calendar Making Ideas Photo